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Welcome to NeoImagic Support

We'll try to help you as fast as possible, usually in one or two business days. If you have any comments or suggestions for the next releases, please feel free to post them to us.

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Windows & Internet Cleaner Pro and Windows & Internet Cleaner user click here for support.

I have a purchased a registration code and its not accepting it!!!
Please make sure you are typing in the registration code. It is pretty common to accidentally type in the product # or order #. Scan down your order e-mail to the line that says "Registration code: " and the number right after that is your registration code!

I have not received my registration code! Isn't it about time!
Do not panic! In many cases, there may be a processing delay. Sometimes, people have supplied the wrong e-mail address. In rare cases, the registered users are unreachable due to mis-configured e-mail clients or privacy control.

Lost Registration Code Policy
If you register and, for whatever reason, you do not receive an e-mail us with a registration code or if you are reformatted your hard drive and cannot find your registration code, simply e-mail and We will send your registration code. (Please include your Order# and as much order information as possible, as it will be easier to locate your order in the database.

My problem isn't in here!
Registered users receive technical support. Send an e-mail to us or check the www.neoimagic.com website for more current information.

Windows & Internet Cleaner Pro 5.29 and Windows & Internet Cleaner 4.62 released
Windows & Internet Cleaner Pro 5.2 released

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